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Pest Control in Croydon, Kingston-upon-Thames and Hounslow

Pestforce are pest control experts covering the whole of South West London. We have operatives working on a national and local basis. Domestic, commercial and agricultural property owners in major locations such as Croydon, Hounslow and Kingston-upon-Thames have immediate access to one-off treatments and regular service plans at affordable prices, seven days a week.

Rat and Mice Control

On top of the destruction that rodents can cause, infestations also increase the risk of disease and this can be of particular concern for property owners with pets, children or livestock. Gnawing can damage electrical cabling to increase the risk of fire while droppings and fur can contaminate surfaces and foodstuffs.

We implement rat and mice control measures for customers in Kingston-upon-Thames and all surrounding areas. Following an initial survey, Pestforce use humane treatments, housekeeping, stacking, cleaning and proofing as part of a full rodent control programme.

Squirrel Control

Grey squirrels are more likely to create pest control problems than red squirrels. Although they present fewer health risks than rats and mice, their presence may pass on fleas to pets.

When present in gardens, the grey squirrel can also dominate other species by taking food from bird tables and feeders. Chewing bark can even kill younger trees completely.

We use humane trapping and bating as a form of squirrel control. Pestforce have already helped many property owners in Hounslow and the surrounding local area who have experienced problems with the appealing but potentially damaging grey squirrel population.

Wasp Nest Removal

It should hardly come as a surprise that many of our clients have an inherent fear of wasps. These sometimes aggressive insects have a painful sting that can send some people into anaphylactic shock. With a single nest being capable of spawning 30,000 workers in a year, the demand for wasp nest removal is particularly high during the mid to late summer.

We help clients in Croydon and South West London by undertaking wasp nest removal in a safe and controlled fashion. Using ethical insecticides and safety wear, our technicians can eliminate nests from walls, banks, lofts and all other environments.

Fleas and Insect Infestations

Fleas are a parasitic insect that feed from warm-blooded mammals, nesting on the skin, fur or feathers of the host from the larval stages of their four-week lifecycle. Bites cause severe irritation and unsightly red spots on the skin. Fleas have the ability to camouflage themselves well and only emerge when vibrations are detected from the host.

Our pest controllers in Kingston-upon-Thames, Hounslow and South West London can assist with fleas by administering insecticides that have no damaging effects on pets or children. We will advise you if you need to burn infested bedding and canremove bird nests that are often the root cause of flea infestations.

Bird Proofing

As pleasant as it can be to have bird species visiting your garden, they still have the potential to be invasive and this can present numerous problems for property owners in Kingston-upon-Thames, Hounslow and Croydon. Pigeons, in particular, make bird proofing essential because they damage property, spread fleas and increase infection risks with droppings.

Bird proofing is undertaken in a systematic way and we create tailored control programmes based on the findings of an initial site survey. Trapping, shooting and building proofing are the most tried and tested ways of controlling the presence of birds.

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