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Rat, Mice and Squirrel Control in Kingston upon Thames

With pest control officers already located in the Kingston upon Thames, Surrey and South West London areas, our company is perfectly primed to assist property owners with a full range of mice and rat control services. While we offer our treatments on a one-off basis or as part of a long-term service plan, it’s important to remember that mice and rat control is a combination of remedial and preventative measures.

While the extermination of unwelcome rodents is obviously important, our pest control officers also identify ways to prevent future infestations. This is usually achieved by identifying points of access and creating exclusion points. We also look at ridding properties in Kingston upon Thames of food sources and places of shelter. Used in combination, these mice and rat control measures are highly effective.

Squirrel control is another pest control service our company provides. While squirrels spread less disease than mice and rats, they can be just as destructive. Like all rodents, squirrels gnaw heavily and this can cause damage to properties, cables, furniture and trees. They also isolate food sources for welcome species by dominating bird tables and feeders.

Wasp Nest Removal Services

If you own a property in Kingston upon Thames and have problems with wasps, Pestforce can perform a full wasp nest removal. Wasps tend to be more aggressive in August and Septembers when the workers, all sterile females, become more complacent within their environment. They are more likely to sting at this time and this can be a major cause of concern for those who suffer from allergic reactions.

Using insecticide, which is safe for use around children and pets, we first eliminate the colony before performing the actual wasp nest removal.

Pigeon and Bird Proofing Services

Birds can become a problem for home and business owners in the Kingston upon Thames area when they are looking for shelter, food sources or a place to roost. Bird proofing helps to rid properties of the unwelcome mess and health risks associated with infestations. Because birds carry insect pests, problems with biting usually complement other hazards such as infections, slipping risks (droppings) and property damage.

Bird proofing is a systematic procedure that includes trapping, shooting, proofing buildings again future infestation and humane destruction.

Woodworm Treatment Services

Woodworm are boring insects that infest and subsequently eat the wood in which they reside. Their presence can be highly destructive and a great cause of concern for clients in Kingston upon Thames who are living in older properties with timber structures or for those who have traditional or antique wooden furniture. While infestations are difficult to identify until damage is caused, a woodwork treatment from Pestforce is highly effective.

We use water-based treatments and fogging as woodworm treatment systems. Both of these are safe and ethical. Water-based treatments are usually more suitable for homes where pets and children are present.


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