Photo of Bed Bugs Kingston Upon Thames

Rat and Mice Control in Hounslow

Pestforce have a national network of pest control specialists covering major locations throughout the United Kingdom. Hounslow, situated between West and South West London, is a principal service area where we deliver professional solutions for rodent infestations. Rat and mice control is a major part of our business.

The damage and disease that rodents can cause are of significant concern to our domestic, commercial and agricultural clients. We put strict rat and mice control measures into place that are 100% humane. There are no risks to children or pets and we also offer rodent proofing services that eliminate the potential for future infestations.

Fleas, Bed Bugs and Insects in Hounslow

Insect infestations are another primary concern for many of our clients in the Hounslow area. Fleas and bed bugs, in particular, can deliver painful bites and cause nasty inflammations on the skin. These parasitic creatures feed from warm-blooded mammals and use humans and domestic pets as hosts.

Removing fleas, bed bugs and other insect infestations requires a combination of effective control systems from a pest control company and an equally important series of measures from the property owner. We provide expert help and advice to clear your home of infestations permanently whilst minimising disruption.

Woodworm Treatment Services in Hounslow

Woodworm are the boring larva of the furniture beetle and the term also refers to the condition that infestations cause. Unfortunately, many property owners in Hounslow have no idea their homes or businesses may need our woodworm treatment services until damage has been found. Early identification is essential in keeping damage to a minimum.

If you believe that you have problems with woodworm, call Pestforce and we’ll send out a local pest control specialist to survey your property. Based on our findings, we’ll recommend a suitable woodworm treatment to destroy the infestation for good.

Wasp Nest Removal in Hounslow

Prior to any type of wasp nest removal, it is imperative that the wasp population living inside is eliminated first. To do this, our Hounslow-based pest controllers use a safe insecticide. Although products for killing wasps are available to the public, we strongly recommend that no untrained persons ever tackle an infestation themselves.

Pestforce have the materials and the equipment to cope with wasps quickly, effectively and permanently. With the infestation dealt with, our personnel can perform a full wasp nest removal from any indoor or outdoor environment.