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Complete Woodworm Treatment, Rat Control and Mice Control in Croydon

Do you own a property in Croydon that is suffering from the effects of a rodent infestation? Pestforce have pest control experts working in your area who specialise in rat control, woodworm treatment, mice control and squirrel control. With rats and mice, much of our work is built around prevention. This includes the identification of exclusion points to prevent rodents entering your property to cause damage and disease.

We also use a series of ethical baiting, trapping and extermination systems that are safe for use in any Croydon property, even those that have children and pets present. Pestforce also look for rat control and mice control methods that remove attractions for these unwelcome guests. This includes the elimination of food sources and shelter. Usually, rat and mice control measures are implemented as part of a long-term plan.

Squirrel control in Croydon

Squirrel control is another service that we offer to clients in the Croydon area. We primarily target the grey squirrel species, which is likely to be more invasive than the red squirrel under most circumstances. Again, our squirrel control systems are ethical and humane. Pestforce can tackle problems with squirrels in any interior or exterior environment.

Dealing with Fleas and Bed Bugs in Croydon

While we are capable of dealing with any type of insect infestation, our pest controllers in the Croydon area are particularly experienced in the removal of fleas and bed bugs. These two parasites feed on the blood of pets and humans. Their bites can cause discomfort, skin sores and intense distress. The two are easy to differentiate, with fleas being smaller (around 2mm) and bed bugs being over twice as big at around 5mm.

Fleas and bed bug control treatments must be dealt with by qualified pest control specialists. Because fleas live on a host, this will usually require you to use specialist powders, shampoos or medication to eliminate them from people and pets. Bed bugs usually infest linen and bedding. Because they have the ability to travel from room to room, this means that remedial and preventative household treatmentsare required.

If you live in Croydon and have ongoing difficulties with fleas and bed bugs, call Pestforce now for expert help and advice. We can assist with any type of infestation by administering treatments and by providing a series of long-term recommendations that reduce and eliminate the environments where these parasitic creatures thrive.